Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Perfect Jeans

I am always looking for the perfect jeans.  I feel that everyone is always looking for the best fitting and great looking jeans.  Today, I went through a pile of jeans that had been in my closet for years.

First, I found a pair of jeans which I was able to make jorts out of.  Jorts  (jean shorts) are one of my signature looks.   I was worrying I wouldn't have fresh jorts for this summer.   Problem solved.  

Next, I found jeans I wore when I was skinnier.  Back then I biked every day, I ate healthy and lost 40 pounds.  It felt good to have lost that weight.  It felt good the way it happened.   I loved those pairs of jeans.  I loved the way they looked on my body.  I really liked being a size 16.  I wanted to be smaller but it didn't happen.  I think I got mad because everything didn't change because I was smaller.   I had my heart broken and slowly gained the weight back.   

I was going to give those size 16 jeans away but then I remembered how much I loved being a size 16.  I decided not to give up hope about bring there again.  I kept these jeans.  

I then found jeans that fit me now.  They are a good shape and real denim.   I folded them and added them to my current rotation of jeans.   I had been longing for new jeans  but wasn't finding jeans that I loved.  They weren't the right fit, the right look or the right denim.  

I also found more jeans that I am going to donate to the Goodwill.  

I had a lot of jeans.  I have a lot of stuff.   I think the next time I am longing, I need to look at what I have and look at my piles.  

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