Sunday, June 29, 2008

LeSportsac Bag makes the Perfect Vacation Bag

The little dog and I are heading to the shore for a few days of fun at the beach. I will catch up with new bags when I return. Stay cool. x0x0.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of vacations, could you recommend a nice passport case? Also (kind of unrelated) what's the name of that company that makes those quilty purses that WASPs take to the Hamptons with them? You know, the one with the pineapple logo?

christine murray said...

Thank you for your comment (actually questions)!

First to the Passport case, I have a lovely red passport cover that I will post at some point. It was purchased at MoMa and is by the Designers Guild.

Check out Flight 001 for lots of great choices.

I think you mean the Vera Bradley bags which are delightful. Of course, I have a few of their accessories but no bags, yet.

Hope this was helpful!